We’ve made huge changes in the way we think and do things out on the shop floor as a result of working with the CACT, and we can measure the tangible improvements.”

Rod Smith, Vice President
Bayless Engineering



A key success factor for BE Aerospace was that we could comply with the quality certification requirements, improve the skills of our existing workforce, and achieve results quickly at minimal costs. The CACT team was very knowledgeable, willing, and capable of understanding our needs, and working with us to achieve results.”

Julio Perez
BE Aerospace



The CACT has developed an outstanding training program for us with exceptional instructors. The participants have been thrilled with it, and the graduates are performing well. The product of these training classes will be the next generation Lockheed Martin employee.”

Steve Haydu
Manager of Labor Relations
Lockheed Martin, Palmdale



The skills gap is real. Technology advances and people retiring are opening up jobs that need skilled workers. You don’t necessarily need a college education to find a great job, but some post-secondary and certification is needed and the community colleges offer that avenue.”

Tony Sciarra
Program Manager for Vocational and Trade Schools
Tesla Motors


Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies


Through sector strategies and services, the Agriculture, Water, and Environmental Technology initiative works to ensure the economic viability of California’s agriculture and natural resources industry, while maintaining our environmental integrity, especially in the area of water – our most precious resource. We support regional and statewide sector strategies that promote the education, training, and advocacy of agricultural and environmental businesses and services. We drive the development and alignment of curriculum in agriculture, natural resources, water, and environmental technology programs across the state. And, we sustain and advance the development of career pathways in an effort to maintain California’s standing as the number one agriculture state in the nation.


Online Magazine: Agriculture, Water &  Environmental Technologies
Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies Website: http://www.calagcc.org/



INDUSTRY EXPERTS: Contact Information



Sector Navigator

Nancy Gutierrez
Phone: 559-637-2530
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.calagcc.org/


Sector Navigators

Region A
Northern Inland
Northern Coastal
Greater Sacramento

Heather Kelnhofer
Phone: 530-242-7636
Email: [email protected]

Carrie Peterson
interim through 8/31/2017
Phone: 530-668-2531 or 209-602-4288
[email protected]

Julie Blacklock
on leave through 8/31/2017
Phone: 530-668-2531
Email: [email protected]

Region B
SF/San Mateo, East Bay, Silicon Valley
North Bay, Santa Cruz/Monterey

David Esmaili
Phone: 408-741-4693
Email: [email protected]

Region C
Central Valley
Mother Lode

Krista Vannest
Phone: 209-575-6449
Email: [email protected]

Region D
South Central Coast

Holly Nolan Chavez
Phone: 805-922-6966 x5276
Email: [email protected]