California Corporate College

California Corporate College

Training That Improves Employee Performance

California’s Community Colleges—A Legacy of Economic and Workforce Development

Created by legislation in 1967, the California Community College System, consisting of 112 colleges, is the largest system of higher education in the world. For generations, California employers have been partnering with their local Community Colleges to build workforce talent. Now, organizations with training and workforce development needs that reach beyond their local community can turn to a single point-of-contact to access the Community Colleges’ extensive body of workplace specific curriculum—the California Corporate College.

About the California Corporate College

Working in partnership with California's Community Colleges, the California Corporate College (CA CC) delivers high-quality, market-relevant employee training, workforce development programs, and consulting services to corporations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations that require training, classes, or services to be delivered to multiple locations throughout the state and beyond. Acting as a single point-of-contact, CA CC leverages the vast expertise within California’s statewide network of Community Colleges—the most responsive college system in the country.

Collaborating with Our Community College Members

As a performance solutions provider, our training and consulting approach is results-focused. At each step of the process—from initial assessment to service delivery—we collaborate with our Community College members to plan and design programs that help our clients arrive at the strategic outcome of improving workforce performance in support of organizational goals. Together, we identify the subject-area experts that are the best fit for your project. Our community college members have deep experience developing and delivering courses and training materials across many different industries and disciplines. All training courses delivered to our clients emphasize current best practices and standards-compliant curricula. Additionally, we design custom training solutions that compliment and reinforce the methods and culture of your organization.

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